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Dining Out

Cornwall is well known for the quality food served in our restaurants. It's excellent reputation for fine dinning, as well as it's vast selection of traditional local public houses and bistros, make it a great place for dinner out.

We often get asked by guests the best places to go, and being based in North Cornwall for almost 30 years has definitely given us a certain amount of knowledge of the county!

 Whether it's just advice on where to go or a booking you need, or it's a luxury taxi ride and special spot in the restaurant you want, regardless we're here to help make your evening excellent.

 The popularity of our restaurants often mean guests can be disappointed when they try to book a meal during their stay, as some places are booked weeks in advance. Get in contact with us as soon as you want to book a meal, and we will try and ensure you a spot in a great place.

 Not one for dining out? See our catering page for 'dining at home' options.