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Property Services


Weekly Property Inspections

We can carry out random weekly checks to both the inside and outside of your property when it is empty. We check for:

·      Vandalism / Break Ins
·      Storm Damage - checked more regularly during stormy weather conditions 
·      Water Ingress - should this be a re-occurring problem, closer attention is paid to past areas
·      Security - ensuring all locks and alarms are functional  
·      Pests - ensuring there are no holes or gaps around the property and maintain active pest deterrents
·      Damp - often causing problems in older buildings humidifiers are always available until a permanent solution is found
·      Boilers - checking the boiler, including hot water and heating, are set correctly and adjust accordingly 
·      Fuel Tanks - monitoring levels and ensuring a critically low level is not reached. On request we will get electricity
    and gas meter readings.
·      Post - forwarding all relevant mail to you inclusive of the management cost 
·      Fire Systems - carrying out checks on fire safety equipment, including smoke alarms and torch
·      Waste - ensuring that all waste has been taken away, and that the bins are secure

A detailed list of what we do and can do on the weekly property inspections is available in our contract. Inspections are carried out every 7 - 10 days, and are carried out at random times and on different days for added security.

 The management fee also gives you access to our 24/7 emergency line, although any call outs may incur an additional cost.